“The only thing you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” -Neil Gaiman

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Many of us feel a yearning to create something of meaning and value; but sometimes we don’t know where to begin or how to keep going once we’ve started. This yearning comes from a deep place, a place of mystery and depth. We don’t know where it begins, and we don’t always know where it is taking us, yet we sense that it holds the answer to our fulfillment.

As well as being a writer, I am a Certified Mentor Coach and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. I can help you discover methods to connect with your creative spirit, courage to follow its call, and tools to find the way to make the creative spirit an intrinsic part of day-to-day experience, so that you can bring your gifts to the world.

During the Renaissance, and in ancient Greece and other cultures, philosophers believed in a divine, interconnected universe. Each person was said to be a microcosm of this universe, born with a guiding spirit, talent, or source of inspiration—a destiny that we are here to fulfill.

These philosophers taught that this heart’s calling comes from our daemon, a higher self or spirit guide that is born with us and accompanies us throughout life. The daemon is a kind of messenger that moves between the divine and mortal worlds. Sometimes we forget what our destiny is, what will bring us the greatest fulfillment in life, and the daemon’s job is to remind us. It urges us onward through thoughts, feelings, signs, and symbols.

Your daemon wants you to do what you love to do, and what will make a contribution to the world. Happiness arises when we develop a good relationship with our daemon—our own creativity. The ancients said that when we listen to our daemons, we flourish in life. The Greek word for human flourishing is eudaemonia: eu means good, and daemonia is spirit. Aristotle used the term to mean the highest human good. The daemon blesses us with its calling, and we bless it with the way we follow it. By using our individual creativity, we are participating in Divinity.

Interested in improving your attention? Using your creativity? Focusing on your career? I coach on all of these.

  • Get started on a creative project or a new direction in your work.
  • Find ways to deal with doubts and anxieties
  • Develop strategies to continue in the face of obstacles or setbacks
  • Set goals and hold a vision, and move in your desired direction.

Coaching takes place in person, on the phone, or with Skype.

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